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25 Jan

hahahaha, yeah I know that you might think that i’m crazy putting Rihanna’s Video of her new single ‘What’s My Name’ on this post. Cause, honestly i have no idea how to explain my name in creative way (that’s the assignment). Each time when i keep on repeating this thought “what’s the meaning of my name…. what’s the meaning of my name…” it always turned to “what’s my name…. what’s my name” then suddenly this song just popped out in my mind! lol!

Well anywaay, this time i’ll try my best to tip any thoughts of mine about this. So, here we goo…


That’s my full name, and I bet you’ll instantly guess that I’m a Javanese. And yeah that’s completely right! Well actually it’s cooler to have a name/nickname that could be uniquely explained like one of my friend who already did this kind of blog post. He’s Fri, and you can see his post here. Honestly, I really like the way he deliberate it. Very simple, powerful but artistic in the same way. Well enough for the intermezzo let’s get back to the main topic.

So…. Basically….
Tami means “the first” or “the best”
Ariyanti means “having good days”
Yuwono means “save”

So, my name might be a prayer of my parents about me. Hopefully I could be someone that strives for the best while having good days safely. Cliché huh? But I like it though, and definitely being very grateful that my mom and dad give me this name.

Well, that is all catch ya later folks! 😀