20 Feb


Defining the essence of ‘creative’ term may be an easy work to do, or instead it can be a very complicated object to be elaborated thoroughly. In some cases, it can be explained in many ways, as well as other ordinary terms. Well whatever, instead of getting confused on this seriously not serious stuff, let’s try to do an action. Now, i’m gonna try to type it on google through my browser, then what’s going to popped out in other seconds later? let’s take a look.

Aha! There are about 795,000,000 results related to the issue, impressive but not so unpredictable. I’ve known Google’s finesse since a long time. However, I’m kinda hoping that there’s no real human like it. I wonder if I have a friend like Google, i must’ve been freaked out. It will be someone who knows everything. Well fortunately, it’s only a cyber stuff.

Back to the main topic, what is creative? I’m not going to browse all of those over seven hundred thousand sources, but hey here’s my answer based on several considerations and genuine sources…..

“Creative is a phenomenon whereby someone generate ideas to create something new which can be formed as a product, solution, or even work of art that has some kind of value. It must be a way,  method or something that hasn’t exist before. And furthermore, what counts as “valuable” is similarly defined in a variety of ways. Scholarly interest in creativity ranges widely: the relationship between creativity and general intelligence; the mental and neurological processes associated with creative activity; personality type and creative ability; creativity and mental health; creativity in education; and ways of fostering creativity through training and technology.”



The next important term that should be elaborated is innovation. Frankly, this is a very familiar word that used to be frequently said in this modern era. anything you see or have right now may be a single form of innovation. This long, the world has developed outstandingly because of human enormous exploration of ideas and massive actions of generating a concrete form based on ideas which finally will be commercialized and allowed  or even suggested to be publicly used. Innovation itself has various meaning in many ways. However, it can be generally explained as:

“Innovation is the commercialization of the invention. Invention itself refers to new concepts or products that derive from individual’s ideas or from scientific research that based on creativity process.”

In business, innovation can be easily distinguished from invention. Invention is the conversion of cash into ideas. Innovation is the conversion of ideas into cash. This is best described by comparing Thomas Edison with Nikola Tesla. Thomas Edison was an innovator because he made money from his ideas. Nikola Tesla was an inventor. Tesla spent money to create his inventions but was unable to monetize them. Innovators produce, market and profit from their innovations. Inventors may or may not profit from their work.”

In the modern days, the term creative are closely associated to creative-industry, where it sells ideas. Let’s take a look around, there are communication gadgets, information-seeker devices everywhere. You’ll see a random walking guy wearing an iPod, a sophisticated woman with her Blackberry phone or even maybe you’ll see an old man watching television. These concrete commercialized form that generated from creativity is called innovation.


  1. fakhrizalmuhammad March 14, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    pertamax gan

  2. atheniansadmirer March 24, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    keduax yang penting page one!
    first, i like your phrase “on this seriously not serious stuff”…LOL
    second, i don’t like to define “creativity” because it’s enough for me to study about definition in indonesia jurisdiction and to catch every single word meaning in indonesia jurisdiction
    third, do you know the easiest way to generate creativity?
    JUST COPY OTHER IDEA OR EXISTING IDEA, copying idea will generate our mind to polish up the idea then reborn it into a new idea. need a proof? do you know that Thomas Alva Edison only polish up the previous invention? yes you know it…
    fourth, the purest way to born an idea? JUST TAKE A WALK, JUST STEP OUT FROM YOUR DORMITORY, when we see people around us, we will see the problem. problem is the biggest source of idea and creativity

  3. tamiyuwono September 20, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    thanks for the comment 🙂

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