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25 Apr


Well that doesn’t sound fascinating at all; it’s kinda referring to something boring, something that has deadline and something that requires materials to work and so on. However lately I was assigned to a kind of  pleasant tasks, exciting kind of homework. In Creativity and Innovation class at SBM, the lecturer assigns homework to students in form of blog posts. Each student is required to create a blog that will consists of his or her writing related to the topic given by the lecturer. For example, the writing that currently you read, yeah my writing, this writing.

Working on homework that will be posted on a blog is super fun! Remembering that it is a kind of cloud computing, then we can access our work anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. And also the making process is pretty much exciting too.  The materials to be posted can be browsed through Internet browser, so we can have many resource and materials to be inserted.  Moreover, this method of homework is very environmental friendly, because we save papers and stuffs! The digital work also can be moved and saved.

Remembering that my hobby is getting involved of virtual blogging, then no wonder now I have blogs and social networking accounts. At first, I started blogging when I was in the first year at college. Getting curious about my first blog? Well you can access it here

Then time goes by, and I realized that I started to change. So when I looked to my first blog, it’s like seeing someone else’s writings, so I decided to make another blog, it’s It’s a bit different, with only plain white background as its backdrop and different atmosphere of topic I talked about. At my second blog I don’t really talk about my feelings. I don’t see  blog as a diary anymore, considering that actually it’s not really good publishing feelings to public. And oh yeah, since that I also deleted some melancholic posts in my first blog.

Then there was a phase when I don’t really have things to talk about, so I’m quitting blogspot-ing. Meanwhile, I was told by a friend that there’s a new way of blogging. The post doesn’t always in form of writings; in tumblr we can post pictures, videos, music in a very fancy way. and also Tumblr has reblog feature! Since then, I love Tumblr a lot!! In my Tumblr pages I don’t talk much, but I can SHOW things through non-literary posts. Well,  there are still some writings but not much i guess. Usually my Tumblr posts are about my interests, my favorites, my idols or any random things that people would like to post in their blog. Anyway, you can access it here

Well i guess that’s all, that’s why i love working on things on internet!




25 Apr

Hello again,

There’s another topic to be elaborated special for this post. The lecturer gave us a task to create a business model. There are three options for the business field we can choose: television channel/social network/network provider. In this case I’m gonna choose a business in social network field

Talking about social network, I bet all of you is thinking about Facebook, Twitter and other kind of things. But for this one, it is very special and scopes a very specific kind of people that will join. It is a social network that connects people who loves music and plays music. In the profile of each account, we can see someone’s interest in music, what artists they like, and their music skills. They can share a music video of a musician or even their own video! And yes indeed, it’s a very exciting to share delicate music taste. The website can be accessed at:


Value Proposition

In IndieZeitGeist, members can share mp3, video, pictures, or even hottest news in music industry in a very fancy way. There are many interesting features and application offered. So people can freely exchange their mind about their current interest about a musician or even themselves to their friends! Remembering that is a this is a web-based social network so people can accessed it anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet connection.  And also it is user-friendly, which is easy to use and access.

Customer Segmentation

Age and genders doesn’t matters! IndieZeitGeist is a social network that connects people who has passion in music, which is special for them who has interest in listening to music and has spirit to keep on learning music skills.

Customer Relationship Management

To maintain members loyalty to this social network, it always manage and updating its features, content and application.

Partner Network

There are partners involved in this business such as advertising sponsors, Internet and satellite operator, media partner companies, and another social associations.


Probably there are occurred costs: database operation, server maintenance, bandwidth cost, research and development expense, etc. however, with maintaining revenue from advertisings and some digital product sales. This can be a very profitable business.

Well that is all!! I hope it’s good enough 😀


4 Apr


Dream sounds like a very catchy word which deeply related to passion; hopes; fantasy; imagination; probability; liberty regained; satisfaction; and happiness. it is a shout that everyone has in their heart, a buried hopes inside. Some people may forget their dream, but children never lie, they always dare to show what they dream, what they want, what they need, frankly. Maybe some people need to create a space of their own to be a child again, to dream again, to be honest again to themselves. That way, the forgotten thought of dream may be recovered.

Dream is very important, except if you’re someone who only daydream anytime without any attempt to do anything. Dream is a vision, dream is a hope. through dreaming we can draw our expectation that we may achieve in life. Even though there are some people who don’t believe in dream, there are many people who still believe to themselves that they can make their dreams come true. In another theory, it can be called law of attraction, the law says we can attract anything nearby and anything that may happen in the future depend on our own mind. If we think positively then we’ll have a pleasant life, and so does the opposite. So in other way, if we keep thinking and visualize our dream, then it is sure that one day, one time, in a right moment the dream will comes true.

In the world of creativity and innovation, there’s also dream. A dream to discover new fantastic invention that will be very useful to people. Or an invention that is very fabulous and proud to use. Dream encourages people to think over the limit, to imagine things that sometimes we miss. That motion creates creativity which will encourage people to make innovations. Because it is a fact that any innovation that we see, is a result of dream. In the past, people dream and craving for something that can bring them to anywhere they want, then there’s vehicle. Then they also dreamed that they can have books printed as many as they want, then there’s a printing machine. well, anything in between also considered as the result of dreaming.

Well, talking about dreaming to create an idea of innovation, Docomo is a company who courageously dare to show their dream. You can see it on the video below:

I am totally so impressed by Docomo, they dare to dream high and show it to people. It ignites the spirit to innovate through dreaming. It is very imaginative, and it is very tempting to realize that in the future there will be very fabulous innovations that we will use.

Well that is all, keep on dreaming people!


4 Apr

This is the first time CI class invited a guest lecture, and the one that invited is ADI PANUNTUN! He is one of creative icons in the country. He is a founder of Sembilan Matahari production house, the producer of cin(T)a movie, and  the one who involved in video mapping of Kota Tua. Actually he is a graduate from ITB, from fine arts faculty, and once he was involved in LFM too! pretty interesting, knowing that actually i go to the same college just like him :p

Well, remembering that actually this session of lecture was delivered in Bahasa, then I guess it will be much easier to elaborate things in Indonesian. Soo, here we goo…

Salah satu materi terpenting yang diberikan Kak Adi adalah mengenai design thinking. Sebenernya apaan sih itu design thinking?  Apakah arti sebenarnya sekeren namanya? Well, kalau kita sudah melihat resultnya, tentu saja iya! Design thinking itu sendiri memiliki kegunaan yang sangat mendukung kita dalam berkreativitas, sehingga kita dapat mencinptakan sesuatu. Dalam penerapan design thinking, kita harus berani! Dan tidak boleh takut dalam berimajinasi dan berkahyal. Tidak perlu ragu untuk melontarkan ide, pendapat maupun inovasi yang terlintas dalam pikiran. Karena dalam design thining tidak ada yang salah, tidak ada yang namanya batasan dalam berekspresi dan berkreasi. Well, adapula step by step yang dilakukan demi menjalankan proses dari design thinking:

Observe –> Synthesize –> Brainstorm –> Vote –> Prototype –> Story tell


Langkah pertama yang dilakukan  ialah menganalisa keadaan sekitar. Sebenarnya ini adalah langkah yang umum dilakukan dalan berbagai hal di langkah awal, misalnya saja dalam suatu riset atau dalam suatu perencanaan, observasi pasti dilakukan pada langkah awal demi menjadi dasar dan tolak ukur. Tidak lupa kita harus berinteraksi dengan orang-orang sekitar sekaligus mengindentifikasi hal-hal berkaitan yang akan berguna dalam design thinking


Setelah kenyang melakukan observasi, issue mengenai masalah atau malah mungkin mengenai peluang akan muncul dari data yang telah disynthesize. Sehingga akan mendapatkan hasil lebih lanjut.


Setelah menemukan permasalahan akan sesuatu, tentu saja kita akan beninisiatif untuk mencaris sebuah solusi. Solusi tidak selalu mudah untuk didapatkan, atau bahkan sulit bagi beberapa orang. Nah kali ini melakukan brainstorm sangat dianjurkan. Karena dengan melakukan brainstorm setiap ide akan dilontarkan tanpa rasa takut. Pemikiran akan bersifat out of the box. Bisa saja dalam proses ini akan lahir ide-ide brilian yang memecahkan permasalahan


Dalam proses brainstorm, bisa saja tidak hanya ada satu ide yang ada, melainkan puluhan atau mungkin ratusan? Tidak ada yang tahu. Nah tentu saja pada akhirnya kita hanya bisa memilih satu atau beberapa paling tidak. Nah proses pemilihan ini dapat dilakukan dengan vote. Setelah vote dilakukan, kita bisa memiliki arahan step apa yang akan dilakukan. Ohya, dan tentu saja vote tidak dapat dilakukan seenaknya, tetapi juga harus dengan melibatkan berbagai pertimbangan yang objektif. Demi tercapainya tujuan yang diinginkan


Mengenai sebuah ide produk, tentu saja ide akan sebuah produk itu sebelum diluncurkan ke pasar akan melewati tahap market test dulu dengan membuat sebuah prototype. Respon yang ada akan dievalusi terlebih dahulu agar produk yang nanti diluncurkan akan terbentuk dengan konsep yang maksimal.

Story Tell

Kemudian  tahap akhir dalam proses design thinking  ialah dengan menceritakan hasil dari pemikiran dengan cara mempresentasikan atau mempublikasikannya. Sehingga akan meningkatkan nilai jual produk kita.

Adapula contoh kasus berkaitan  yang sering kita dengar yaitu mengenai kebangkitan Teh Botol Sosro dan Aqua!

The Botol Sosro adalah sebuah bisnis yang didirikan oleh Bapak Sosrodjoyo di daerah Slawi dan Tegal, Jawa Tengah. Idenya ialah ide yang sangat simple sebetulnya namun sangat inovatif karena sebelumnya belum ada yang memikirkannya, idenya ialah memasukkan teh ke dalam botol sehingga praktis dan bisa dibawa kemana-mana, tidak perlu menyeduh dahulu. Awalnya ia menerima ledekan dan cemoohan namun dengan berjalannya waktu semua orang menjadi familiar dan menjadikan produk ini super sukses. Siapa yang ga setuju?

Case kedua adalah air mineral Aqua yang didirikan oleh Bapak Tirto Utomo. menawarkan added value yakni air mineral yang dapat diminum dalam kemasan sehingga praktis dan mudah dibawa kemana-mana. Memiliki kendala yang sama yaitu menerima hinaan dan ejekan, namun ia tidak gentar dan tidak peduli, sebaliknya ia malah meneruskan bisnisnya. Hingga saat ini Aqua berada di top of mind bagi consumer air mineral.


“Sebutkan hubungan antara spidol (board marker) dengan buah apel!” merupakan pertanyaan yg dilontarkan oleh kak Adi pd saat kuliah CI. Tentu saja para murid bingung memperdebatkan mengenai apa hubungannya antara kedua benda yg sama sekali ngga berhubungan itu. Sampai akhirnya saya menyadari bahwa apel merupakan buah yg sering dibawa oleh para murid sekolah untuk diberikan pada gurunya setiap pagi dan board marker sendiri merupakan alat tulis yg banyak dipakai pada kegiatan belajar mengajar di sekolah belakangan ini. Oleh karena itu, dapat ditarik kesimpulan bahwa buah apel dan board marker  memiliki hubungan yang sebetulnya sangat dekat dalam bidang pendidikan, di mana para murid memberikan apel kepada guru sebagai ucapan terima kasih telah memberikan mereka pendidikan yg pasti akan berguna bagi masa depan mereka. Semntara sang guru memberikan pengajaran melalui papan tulis dituliskan dengan menggunakan board marker. Jadi sebenarnya kedua benda tersebut memiliki makna tersirat secara simbolis! Pada awalnya sama sekali tidak ada hubungannya sama sekali. Tetapi setelah ditelaah lebih lanjut ternyata memiliki makna yang amat sangat erat.


Pada kesempatan itu ini, Kak Adi memberikan pandangannya mengenai perubahan terhadap retail marketplace di 10 tahun yg akan datang dan bagaimana kita harus meresponnya. Elemen yang dapat mempengaruhi ialah:

1. Traditional Business Strategy: Strategi bisnis pada umumnya, di mana seseorang menentukan strategi dalam berbisnis dengan cara menganalisa trend yg sedang ada dan juga mempertimbangkan data-data mengenai demand pasar pada suatu masa. pendekatan yg dilakukan terkesan kaku dan terstruktur karena pada ada paham tradisional dimana, people are tends to believe that market will accept for something that could be proved by analyzing some numeric data about the market demands and supplies and find the best answer to decide it!

2. Innovation and Design: pada zaman modern ini, pendekatan melalui innovation and design approach sangatlah efektif! Karena ada kecenderungan dimana orang-orang mulai tertarik dengan sesuatu yang berbeda, unik dan inovatif! Melalui pendekatan ini, dipercaya kita dapat menghasilkan sesuatu yg way better from our expectation before. Karena kita menjadi terus berpacu untuk menghasilkan inovasi-inovasi baru demi memenuhi kebutuhan dan keinginan pasar. Terutama dalam bidang teknologi, trend dalam memiliki produk-produk teknologi kian menjamur. Buktinya, sekarang banyak sekali yang beralih ke Blackberry, dan makin banyak orang yang memiliki komputer Apple. Innovasi dalam berdesain telah menjadi trend, dan akan terus seperti itu menurut prediksinya di masa depan