4 Apr


Dream sounds like a very catchy word which deeply related to passion; hopes; fantasy; imagination; probability; liberty regained; satisfaction; and happiness. it is a shout that everyone has in their heart, a buried hopes inside. Some people may forget their dream, but children never lie, they always dare to show what they dream, what they want, what they need, frankly. Maybe some people need to create a space of their own to be a child again, to dream again, to be honest again to themselves. That way, the forgotten thought of dream may be recovered.

Dream is very important, except if you’re someone who only daydream anytime without any attempt to do anything. Dream is a vision, dream is a hope. through dreaming we can draw our expectation that we may achieve in life. Even though there are some people who don’t believe in dream, there are many people who still believe to themselves that they can make their dreams come true. In another theory, it can be called law of attraction, the law says we can attract anything nearby and anything that may happen in the future depend on our own mind. If we think positively then we’ll have a pleasant life, and so does the opposite. So in other way, if we keep thinking and visualize our dream, then it is sure that one day, one time, in a right moment the dream will comes true.

In the world of creativity and innovation, there’s also dream. A dream to discover new fantastic invention that will be very useful to people. Or an invention that is very fabulous and proud to use. Dream encourages people to think over the limit, to imagine things that sometimes we miss. That motion creates creativity which will encourage people to make innovations. Because it is a fact that any innovation that we see, is a result of dream. In the past, people dream and craving for something that can bring them to anywhere they want, then there’s vehicle. Then they also dreamed that they can have books printed as many as they want, then there’s a printing machine. well, anything in between also considered as the result of dreaming.

Well, talking about dreaming to create an idea of innovation, Docomo is a company who courageously dare to show their dream. You can see it on the video below:

I am totally so impressed by Docomo, they dare to dream high and show it to people. It ignites the spirit to innovate through dreaming. It is very imaginative, and it is very tempting to realize that in the future there will be very fabulous innovations that we will use.

Well that is all, keep on dreaming people!

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