25 Apr

Hello again,

There’s another topic to be elaborated special for this post. The lecturer gave us a task to create a business model. There are three options for the business field we can choose: television channel/social network/network provider. In this case I’m gonna choose a business in social network field

Talking about social network, I bet all of you is thinking about Facebook, Twitter and other kind of things. But for this one, it is very special and scopes a very specific kind of people that will join. It is a social network that connects people who loves music and plays music. In the profile of each account, we can see someone’s interest in music, what artists they like, and their music skills. They can share a music video of a musician or even their own video! And yes indeed, it’s a very exciting to share delicate music taste. The website can be accessed at:


Value Proposition

In IndieZeitGeist, members can share mp3, video, pictures, or even hottest news in music industry in a very fancy way. There are many interesting features and application offered. So people can freely exchange their mind about their current interest about a musician or even themselves to their friends! Remembering that is a this is a web-based social network so people can accessed it anywhere and anytime as long as they have internet connection.  And also it is user-friendly, which is easy to use and access.

Customer Segmentation

Age and genders doesn’t matters! IndieZeitGeist is a social network that connects people who has passion in music, which is special for them who has interest in listening to music and has spirit to keep on learning music skills.

Customer Relationship Management

To maintain members loyalty to this social network, it always manage and updating its features, content and application.

Partner Network

There are partners involved in this business such as advertising sponsors, Internet and satellite operator, media partner companies, and another social associations.


Probably there are occurred costs: database operation, server maintenance, bandwidth cost, research and development expense, etc. however, with maintaining revenue from advertisings and some digital product sales. This can be a very profitable business.

Well that is all!! I hope it’s good enough 😀

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