25 Apr


Well that doesn’t sound fascinating at all; it’s kinda referring to something boring, something that has deadline and something that requires materials to work and so on. However lately I was assigned to a kind of  pleasant tasks, exciting kind of homework. In Creativity and Innovation class at SBM, the lecturer assigns homework to students in form of blog posts. Each student is required to create a blog that will consists of his or her writing related to the topic given by the lecturer. For example, the writing that currently you read, yeah my writing, this writing.

Working on homework that will be posted on a blog is super fun! Remembering that it is a kind of cloud computing, then we can access our work anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. And also the making process is pretty much exciting too.  The materials to be posted can be browsed through Internet browser, so we can have many resource and materials to be inserted.  Moreover, this method of homework is very environmental friendly, because we save papers and stuffs! The digital work also can be moved and saved.

Remembering that my hobby is getting involved of virtual blogging, then no wonder now I have blogs and social networking accounts. At first, I started blogging when I was in the first year at college. Getting curious about my first blog? Well you can access it here

Then time goes by, and I realized that I started to change. So when I looked to my first blog, it’s like seeing someone else’s writings, so I decided to make another blog, it’s It’s a bit different, with only plain white background as its backdrop and different atmosphere of topic I talked about. At my second blog I don’t really talk about my feelings. I don’t see  blog as a diary anymore, considering that actually it’s not really good publishing feelings to public. And oh yeah, since that I also deleted some melancholic posts in my first blog.

Then there was a phase when I don’t really have things to talk about, so I’m quitting blogspot-ing. Meanwhile, I was told by a friend that there’s a new way of blogging. The post doesn’t always in form of writings; in tumblr we can post pictures, videos, music in a very fancy way. and also Tumblr has reblog feature! Since then, I love Tumblr a lot!! In my Tumblr pages I don’t talk much, but I can SHOW things through non-literary posts. Well,  there are still some writings but not much i guess. Usually my Tumblr posts are about my interests, my favorites, my idols or any random things that people would like to post in their blog. Anyway, you can access it here

Well i guess that’s all, that’s why i love working on things on internet!


One Response to “BLOG=HOMEWORK?”

  1. atheniansadmirer May 1, 2011 at 5:39 am #

    finally i have some spare time to read your blog again LOL
    keep posting then i’ll read it LOL

    hey i have some stupid photoshop things in this spare time, wanna see it?

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