Farewell, so long MB 4048 :’)

14 May

It’s been a very fun semester, with Creativity & Innovation Subject on every Monday. It inspired students to look through a new way of perspective. Students were learning to be creative in solving problems. How? by getting out of their comfort zone of thinking and be dare to split out ideas, there is no limitation of problem solving ways. There are so many things that i’ve learned from this course,but I think it’s kinda complicated explaining stuffs that i’ve got in long paragraph, so then let’s point out some interesting facts in points:


“With a hundred ways to do a dozen things, why not try it all?” Julian Casablancas

Wohooo that is my favorite quote from one of my favorite person in the world. He is the vocalist of The Strokes, he’s excessively handsome and talented. Well that’s off topic, I guess. What i want to say is that the quote says that there are so many alternatives that can be taken to solve a problem or to finish things. By being dare on splitting out ideas through a brainstorming, there could be hundred ways of alternatives. So why not try it all? Creative thinking encourages people to be frank, honest and spontaneous to themselves. And more it prevent the presence of boredom, disappointment and apathy.

There were times when students were asked about some mathematical questions, some of questions was like elementary school materials to learn. However, the lecturer showed the way the question could be solved in a very interesting method, and it opened my eyes to understand that there are so many kind of ways to do plenty things. And oh yeah, there was also a moment whence students were asked to draw a foot base, everyone at class thought that it only can be formed as footwear, but instead the real answer also included… a doormat, DANG!

The main reason why we must think creatively is because we are forced to innovate, in business world there are competitors. To compete, survive and win this race, innovation is the key value. For example there’s DOCOMO, a company that dares to tell the world the dreams of their innovations.


Once, the class divided into groups. Students were asked to play a conversation that had “but” and “and” included. The result was, using “and” as a conjunctive’s very useful in creative thinking. Even though actually people were more used to use “but”, using “and” as part of brainstorming would free our mind to imagine and dreaming while innovating stuffs. Not only on those aspects, it will also help in social life, it makes us as a person be more friendly and helpful. Moreover it always brings positive energy!


People don’t always talk at class. Yes, students shouldn’t talk too much, instead they must listen to the lecturers. But how if they have thoughts and ideas stored inside their mind while they feel uncomfortable to spit it out. I guess using blog as a media to write thoughts is brilliant! Even though they don’t know what to write, eventually they will understand. When there’s a theme given, automatically the brain works to find out words to be written. Even more, there could be a potential that may be revealed during the writing process.


This is the most important part of the learning. Remembering that all of the attendants are business students, then it is clear that integration of many disciplines to business aspects is completely important. Through this course, we could understand a new way of thinking, that will be the base in generating ideas and making decisions. As assignments, the lecturer gave students homework, for example make a post about a company’s business model, do group presentation of a renewed business model through SCAMPER method, and the last one for me is make a video about business model.

Business models itself describe the process how proposed value offered by an organization to customer. It briefly describe company’s capabilities and ability  to create, market and provide value  & relationship. The business itself has aim to generate sustainable profits and revenue.


That is all! and in the end  I wanna say thank you to Mr. Agus Nggermanto a.k.a. Pak Apiq who always be a very attractive lecturer, you’re so funny. And also Kak Bayu who always very helpful to students. This course is one of my favorite during my time at SBM. To anyone out there,  who kindly click on my link or anyone who accidently find me in Google search, thank you for reading, i hope it’s helpful or at least entertaining. See ya! Ciao

~Tami Yuwono~

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