13 Mar

Through Tami Yuwono’s perspective

These are incredible stuffs that I cannot live without! I deeply relied on these, and it’s already become an addiction! lol!


Since I touched this stuff for the first time in the late 90s, I was instantly realized that some part of my life will depend on it. When I was a kid, it’s a perfect mate to kill some time with some of its games, and also I spent much time playing Paint too,  to make some fancy doodles.

And until now, after over a decade I still have addiction on it. I can’t even live without it a day, I’m someone who too much depended on internet too, geez. And yeah, this invention already help me in years, to do some school tasks, project assignments, or even some random things.


Communication Gadgets

In this era, who doesn’t have a cellphone? well we gotta admit that almost all the people we know are using it. Lately, communication gadgets is developed as trend flows by. Now, it’s not only a tool to communicate by only making a call or by sending text message. Lately there’s invention of smartphone, a kind of cellphone which has some sophisticated features, function and design. Nowadays we can synchronize our email inbox with it, or browsing the web with it, or do some chats with it and use some fancy application to access some social websites (e.g. Twitter and Facebook) And I think the invention of communication gadgets are the reason why the difference of time and dimension are no longer exist as problem in communication 🙂



Hundreds year ago, you might use a horse to go somewhere. Or, probably you don’t have any so you go by foot everywhere, oh geez such a pain. But today is a very different era, it’s the era with massive growth of development that involved high level mobilization of its people living within. People go somewhere else everyday. Even a 7 year old child goes to school every weekdays, meanwhile the adults go to their offices in the morning and get stuck on traffic jam at the night after. Well, whatever it is, now we are living in a very mobilized life pattern.

Nowadays, we should say thanks for the outstanding result of automobile evolution.   Because we can go anywhere easily, and also it’s reachable for everyone. People may have private cars, or even use public transportation facilities. So, people can mobilize everywhere else.

By the way, about in the late 19 century, car was firstly invented. But for today people it only looked like an ugly black box. Meanwhile how cars may look like in this age.




Fat car, eh?

Snail-Car (-_-")


Musical Instruments

This can’t be an exception! this is a must to be listed in this post. Hello! what world will be without music? it may be a plain life we’re living in. And I must admit that I should give kudos to those people who ever invent musical instruments. And of course there are  so freakin’ many kind of it…

Well, that is all! Check my second version too btw!

Cheerio 😀


  1. fakhrizalmuhammad March 14, 2011 at 5:01 pm #

    keep posting kak

  2. tamiyuwono September 20, 2011 at 11:10 am #

    makasi kaka

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